Quality Control
I. Research and Development
  • Our company has an R&D center

  • This is our R&D Center

  • Physics experiment equipment

  • We have various analyzers and experimental facilities

  • We hold production meetings regularly

  • If any problem occurs during the production, we will work out a solution in time and put it into practice to improve the productivity.

II. Production Workshop
1. Ironworks
  • Our raw material is iron ore.

  • We focus on environmental protection while manufacturing iron.

2. Steelworks
  • We have our own steelworks to produce the tube blanks

  • Our steelworks are designed in a scientific manner.

3. Tube production line
  • Standard Φ180 tube production workshop

  • We have nearly 10 such production workshops

  • At the entrance of every workshop, we place the samples of all the seamless tubes that can be produced in the workshop.

  • The tube blanks will be transported to every workshop.

  • Heating
  • Punching
  • Sizing
  • Detaching
4. Finishing Workshop
  • The finishing workshop primarily carries out further processing for seamless steel tubes.

  • The fully-equipped workshop can perform several processes, such as saw cutting, tube rolling, and tube drawing, among others.

4-1. Cold Drawing Production Line
  • We have 1 set of 1250T cold drawing machines and 1 set of 600T cold drawing machines

  • The specifications of the tubes that can be made by the cold drawing machines: Diameter: Φ219-Φ1050, wall thickness: 8mm-80mm, length: 6mm-17mm.

4-2. Hot Expanding Production line
  • Hot expanding pipe production line

  • The main machines include 1 set of 1050 model 800T hot expanding machines, 1 set of 830 model 600T hot expanding machines, and 1 set of 559 model300T hot expanding machines

  • The tube blanks can be expanded to the tubes with the following specifications: Outer dimeter: Φ219mm-1050mm, wall thickness: 4.5-80mm, length: 4mm-22mm

4-3. Sawing machine
  • We have 1 set of Φ830 sawing machines and 1 set of Φ1200 sawing machines

  • Sawing machines are used for cutting seamless steel tubes.

III. Quality Control
  • We own advanced inspection equipment.

  • The technician is performing a crack detection.

  • The crack detection is indispensable for us.

IV. Storage Guarantee
  • A large warehouse allows for easy storage and transportation.

  • The wall thickness of the products varies from 4mm to 80mm.

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