1. Offshore Engineering Pipe

      The hot rolled seamless steel pipe replaces the semi-circle plate. The pipe is rolled under a relatively low temperature with a larger deformation during intermediate rolling, so that the austenite grain is finer. The quenching and tempering allows the high toughness and performance stability of the products.

    1. Specialty Tubing

      Square steel tube, rectangular steel tube, flat oval steel tube, hexagonal tube, right trapezoidal tube, and other tubes of complex shapes.

    1. Special Thread for Steel Tube

      Tube Grade
      API 5CT
      Non-API Anti-H2S Corrosion Casing and Tubing
      Non-API Anti-CO2 Corrosion Casing and Tubing
      Non-API Collapse Resistance Casing and Tubing
      Non-API Thermal Recovery Well Casing and Tubing