OCTG Casing and Tubing

OCTG casing and tubing is widely used as tubes in furnaces and heat exchangers in oil refineries and seamless steel pipes. They are often used in the manufacturing of both structural and mechanical parts, such as drill pipes, automotive drive shafts, bicycle frames and steel scaffolding. Manufacturing ring shaped work pieces with a petroleum refining pipe improves the utilization and simplify the manufacturing process, as well as save materials and time.

For example, steel tubes are widely used for producing bearing rings. Petroleum refining pipes are also indispensable materials for conventional weapons such as gun barrels and cannon barrels. These refining pipes are divided into circular tubes and specialty tubes according to the number of different cross section shapes. Because the circle has the largest area among all the shapes with the same perimeter, circular tubes are used to convey more fluid.

OCTG casing and tubing is used for oil extraction, gas extraction, water injection and acid fracturing.

Casing is a pipe that is cemented to a drilled bore below the ground and used as a rigid wall to prevent the bore from collapsing.

Drill pipe:
A pipe used for drilling holes

Line Pipe:
This pipe is used to transport oil and gas.

Coupling is a cylinder with an internal thread that connects two threaded pipes.

Coupling Material:
Tubes are also used to manufacture couplings.

API threads:
The pipe threads specified in API 5B standards include the knuckle threads of oil tubes, the short round thread of a casing pipe, the long round thread of a casing pipe, the buttress thread of a casing pipe, and the thread in a line pipe.

Premium connections:
Premium connections are non API thread connections featuring sealing properties, connecting properties and other advantageous properties.